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September 12, 2017 Hospital News

Bronchoscopy is a procedure that is performed under local anesthesia to examine the health of the respiratory tract. It is used both for further examination of the causes of abnormal findings in chest radiography and tomography as well as the investigation of symptoms such as hemoptysis, persistent coughing and wheezy respiration. Here you can see Dr. Naseer Moemen performing a bronchoscopy on one of her patients.


August 18, 2017 Hospital News2

Cervical Disc Disorders are injuries to a disc, or multiple discs, located between the cervical vertebrae and can include degenerative disc disease and disc herniations. Physical therapy, oral anti-inflammatory medications, injections and, in severe cases, surgery may be necessary to relieve the symptoms of a cervical disc disorder. In this case, our doctors are performing an Anterior Cervical Microdiscectomy on their patient with a cervical disc disorder in Mowet Hospital Dubai .

Our patient has diagnosed with Cervical Disc Hernia and here you can see our Orthopedist Dr.Talin Salim and our Neurosurgeon Dr. Karim Rahmi while performing a successful operation.


August 18, 2017 Hospital News0

Are you experiencing digestive problems? We can help!

Our compassionate and exceptionally skilled gastroenterologist Dr. Ali Ibrahim Shorbagi has been performing diagnostic and interventional upper endoscopy to one of his patients in Mowet Hospital Dubai .





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